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Form, function and freedom define this shoe. Dance whenever, wherever and however the mood strikes in this incredibly lightweight, form fitting, revolutionary dance studio shoe. The multi-articulating split outsole is moulded Sponge EVA. It is lightweight and responsive and lends itself to all disciplines of dance - from the articulating motions of ballet to the spirited edginess of Hip Hop. The form fitting, arch enhancing upper is made of padded stretch polyester and is enhanced with strategically placed, foot hugging elastic and arch support. The material is non-abrasive, comfortable and lightweight. This barely-there dance tool is perfect for dancers on the go. Fold it or roll it, the shoe is compact enough to fit in your pocket! Versatile and flattering, Freedom is the choice every dancer should make.
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S = 5 - 6 (Capezio®). M = 7 - 8 (Capezio®).L = 9 - 10 (Capezio®).

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